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  • Friedrich Krauss, born in 1966, studied management at the Oxford Brookes University (United Kingdom) and was a successful sales person in both global and medium-sized companies for many years in Germany. He also lived and worked in the United Kingdom for several years.

  • Friedrich has more than 25 years experience in giving speeches and presentations and carrying out workshops in German and English. He also works as an interpreter.

  • For a period of eight years he worked in educational projects in West African countries on a voluntary basis. Friedrich is characterised by authenticity, empathy and intercultural understanding.

“Showing a good example isn’t just one way of influencing others. It’s the only way.” (Albert Schweitzer)

The name Siedenborg

A good speech starts with a story. The name „Siedenborg“ has the following history: The term stems from my ancestors who lived in the administrative district of Dithmarschen (Schleswig-Holstein) when Schleswig was a Danish territory (Duchy of Schleswig). 



friedrich krauss

wörtelstrasse 9

D-77694 kehl am rhein

tel.: +49 7851-6629055

cell: +49 159-01834 582



Programmes offered in German or English.


Seminars are delivered for both individuals and groups. Focussed, relevant and clear, including support after the seminar.

  • Courses and training for companies, official authorities,university graduates and instituations and for all who wish to perform and present successfully
  • Lectures on presentation and rhetoric (the art of effective and persuasive speaking)
  • Simultaneous translation German <=> English