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Seminars on presentation, rhetoric and speech

Language can be compared to the variety of sound produced by a piano: You have a choice of 88 keys. Do I use all of the keys to play a musical piece? Which keys should I use to produce which sounds?


This metaphor also applies to a speech: which keys do I play with the „instrument ‚speech‘“? Do I articulate myself clearly, comprehensibly and effectively?


Herr Friedrich Krauss - siedenborg. Inhaber - Trainings für Präsentation | Rhetorik | Sprache in Deutsch oder Englisch


I ensure that your speech creates the desired result. Deliver the correct atmosphere - precise, relevant and with passion. Monotony is average. Enrich your speech with sound and colour. 


Show conviction. Present with passion. Be authentic. I can help you to use rhetorical skills effectively: For your success! 


There is a world of difference between speaking and presenting. With my support you will create moments in time that capture and inspire both you and your audience. Long-winded, dull speeches are all too familiar. My training equips you with the skills to present with success.

Rhetoric training with siedenborg. trainings -  presentation | rhetoric | speech


“We’ve always done it that way!” doesn’t exist with me. Discover new approaches that will reach out to and enthuse your audience. Presentations, rhetoric and speeches with an impact: Siedenborg. I offer support throughout and also beyond your training; budding athletes should never be left alone by their trainer.



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Programmes offered in German or English.


Seminars are delivered for both individuals and groups. Focussed, relevant and clear, including support after the seminar.

  • Courses and training for companies, official authorities,university graduates and institutions and for all who wish to perform and present successfully
  • Lectures on presentation and rhetoric (the art of effective and persuasive speaking)
  • Simultaneous translation German <=> English